Petalia Offers general information on pet care, along with a vet locator, ask the vet area, pet of the week, and a newsletter.
Pet of the Day Features a new pet story and photo each day. Pet owners may also nominate their pet for consideration.
Pet Love Shack Includes cartoons, recipes, pictures, and information about animal care, pet welfare and shelters. Resources for new and soon-to-be pet owners including choosing the right pet, care and ownership costs, discussions, safety precautions, pet adjustment, housebreaking, feeding, grooming, travel, names, photographs, and stories.
The Furry Critter Network Features animal classifieds including ads for rescue organizations, animal adoptions, pet adoption and pets for sale.
Fluffy Fables Focused on anthrozoology, the study of human/animal bonding and interaction. News, short stories and selected readings.
Paw Nation Connect with pet lovers and find cute pet photos, video, info and advice about all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to hamsters and horses.
The American Animal Awards Nominate individuals, organizations, and the like for outstanding service to animals. Animals are eligible for nomination in categories such as most pampered pet.