Adventure Matters Website contains information on the Appalachian Trail, thru-hiking, hiking and backpacking as well as links to other great informative sights.
AboveCalifornia Descriptions of trails, maps, weather, campground information, and a library with works by John Muir and others.
Trail Journals Gives daily journals from various trails. Journals are written by both the site creators and users.
Pickatrail Offers interactive hiking trail maps and GPS waypoints to help backpackers find trailheads and landmarks.
Hiking the Carolinas Includes resource for hikers in the Southern Appalachians including the Smokies, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Detailed trail descriptions, weather reports, directions, bulletin boards for finding hiking partners, and gear exchanges.
HikeMore Hiking and camping resource featuring a database of hiking trails in the USA where backcountry camping is permitted. Site dedicated to "extreme" day hikes with interesting sights and terrain. Small collection of hikes with basic hiking tips, and a hiker's forum.
Appalachian Trailplace Devoted to through hikers of the Appalachian Trail. Hikers' forum, online journals, directory of current thru-hikers, list archive, and shuttle database.