Shelton Fireworks Operate warehouses located in Missouri and Indiana. Products include bottle rockets, missiles, aerial rockets, firecrackers, multi-firers, roman candles, aerial displays and the class C range.
Pyroexpert China based manufacturer and exporter of fireworks. Offer display shells, display cakes, roman candles, waterfalls, pyrotechnic firing equipment, retail and toy fireworks.
Kaboom Fireworks Provide retail sales of family or consumer fireworks . Also provide display services and a broad range of options for corporate functions and promotional events. Includes tips and FAQs . Canada.
Fireworks by Donnora Wholesale and retail distribution center offering Black Cat, Brothers and World Class fireworks. Located in Pennsylvania.
Elkton Sparkler Company, Inc. Manufactures and distributes consumer fireworks, sparklers and novelties. Lists fund raising opportunities, store locator and ordering information.
Coronation Fireworks Factory India based manufacturer and distributor of consumer fireworks . Includes product line info, online catalog, and safety info.
Brothers Pyrotechnics, Inc. Manufacturer of consumer and professional fireworks. Provides historical overview and origin of fireworks and museum images.