Ginger's Flower Garden A virtual tour of a personal cottage and rose garden in Louisiana. Includes many plant photos, and themed garden displays.
Gardening In The Shade Features the plants and views of a personal garden in Greater Vancouver, British Coumbia. Showcases favourite plants including: Epiphyllum, Sempervivum and Perennials.
Angela Pratt's Sacramento Gardening A Sacramento, California gardening website, very informative with lists of local nurseries, gardening experts, links and a message board for sharing gardening information.
Ceilings Aluminum suspended ceilings are an alternative for other types of suspended ceilings. Apart their undeniable esthetic values, are uninflammable and donít collide with technical installation such as air-conditioner, ventilation, electricity.
Waste Recycling Group management company Provides broad information about Waste Recycling Group, a leading independent world waste management company servicing a wide range of local authority.
Sue Haywards Garden Design UK. Gardening layout and design, gardening Latin and trivia, favorite plants and photos of her English garden online. The site owner has earned a National Certificate in Horticulture.