Nutrition Facts Information about carbohydrates, fats, trans-fats, sugars, proteins, and other nutritional information about thousands of foods. Offers online nutrition tools that generate nutrition facts labels for any food or recipe. Provides a nutrient almanac designed to aid in planning a healthy, balanced diet.
NUT Nutrition Software Free nutrition software for Linux and DOS, which records and analyzes meals with the USDA nutrient database.
Mike's Calorie and Fat Gram Chart Has calorie and fat gram chart for 1000 foods sorted by carbohydrates, cholesterol, protein, and fat listed alphabetically. Provides health and fitness links. Shows how antioxidants and other compounds in spices help to prevent and treat many illnesses including Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
Lutein - The Vision Carotenoid Simple and clear information on role of lutein, a plant carotenoid deficient in most western diets, in vision, especially the prevention of 'age-related macular degeneration', as well as overall health, from the 'Lutein Information Bureau' in USA.
Food Additives and Ingredients Association Includes information on food additives and food ingredients such as enumbers, emulsifiers, flavorings, colorings, functional foods, and preservatives.
Fish Oils in Health and Disease Collected articles describing current scientific research relating to the benefits of fish oil and fish consumption, including benefits of fish oil for various conditions and diseases.
Egg Nutrition Center Scientific information for nutritionists and health care providers to learn about eggs and good nutrition. Has list of research and scientific studies done an eggs online.