LurkHere Dedicated to providing in-depth information and technical support for computer users, and recommending quality products for their systems.
Jensen Information Technologies Internet and computer solutions provider. Offers many services, including computer repair, and hardware upgrades.
House Calls for Home Computers Service, repair and training for home computer users in the Orange County, CA. area. Hardware and software experts.
Guardian Computer Support Global provider of computer services including on-site maintenance, repair and installation. Computer repairs and upgrades, with online assistance.
Europarts European distributor of printer and computer spare parts and notebook batteries and AC adapters.
DeBug-It Using state-of-the-art equipment and talented A-class technicians to help get home computer systems up and running.
Data Genius Company Ltd. A multi-vendor of computer service provider in Hong Kong.
C&S Data Services Designs, installs, maintains and repairs Novell and Windows NT computer networks (utilizing wireless technologies, fiber optics, and ethernet switches) for commercial users, including health care providers using Meditech.
Computing.Net Centralizing technical support for all operating systems and all computer types in one location.
ComputerWorks Technologies Repair services for printer, desktop, notebook, monitor and LCD.
ATS On-site maintenance for HP computers and peripherals in selected cities nationwide. Also services obsolete equipment.
Alphatronics, Inc. Sales and service of computer equipment and peripherals; specializing in the areas of desktop publishing, prepress, and graphic arts trades. Located in the Tampa area.
Advanced Computer Service France Computer services in the Paris area for Apple/Mac Epson, IBM, Compaq, Tandy, clones and compatibles.