M-Real Corp Finland. Multi-national papermakers and merchants. Coated and uncoated fine papers for printing and publishing. Also, tissue and packaging papers. Detailed product information. Links to related sites.
Marchi Group Italy. Group of papermaking companies. Coated and uncoated printing and publishing papers. Also, papers for labelling, packaging, food processing and plastic panel applications. Password protected customer area. English and Italian.
Holmen Paper AB Sweden. Groundwood newsprint and publishing papers. Detailed specifications. Link to paper museum. On-line job offerings. Part of the Holmen Group. English and Swedish.
French Paper Co USA. Producer of a wide range of white and colored printing and publishing papers, from virgin and recycled fiber. Detailed specifications. List of merchants. Free downloads of letterpress fonts and images. On-line purchasing facility.
Cartiere Fedrigoni Spa Italy. Standard and custom manufactured papers and paper boards for the printing, publishing and packaging industries. Also, custom converting services. English, German and French.
Cartiere del Garda Spa Italy. Matt and high-gloss, coated woodfree printing and publishing papers in reel and sheet form. Detailed product descriptions. List of local and world wide agents and distributors. Part of the Lecta Group. English and Italian.
Burgo Group Italy. Multi-national group of papermakers. Coated and uncoated printing and publishing papers in reel and sheet form. Also, copy and ink-jet papers. On-line resume submission. List of job opportunities. Links to related sites. English and Italian.
Brigl & Bergmeister Papierfabrik GmbH Austria. Multi-national group of papermaking companies. One and two side coated papers for printing, publishing and labelling. Also, flexible packaging. and metallized and specialty papers. Product specifications. List of agents. English and German.
Aylesford Newsprint, Ltd UK. Producers of newsprint from recycled waste papers. Environmental and recycling information, on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader. Part of SCA Forest Products Co.
Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings, Ltd Singapore. Multi-national group of foresters and forest products manufacturers. Dissolving pulp and viscose fiber for the papermaking, yarn spinning and nonwovens industries. Tree-free fine papers and stationery.
Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills, Ltd India. Vertically integrated pulp and papermakers, producing a wide variety of papers and boards for the publishing and printing industries, and for technical applications. Detailed explanation of the papermaking process.
Alberta Newsprint Company Canada. Manufacturer of newsprint for daily newspapers and commercial printers using the TMP process. List of job opportunities. Links to related sites.