Cazin, Jean Charles (1841-1901) One of the more intriguing and influential artists of the 19th century French Realist movement was Jean-Charles Cazin. This virtual exhibition includes a detailed biography, high-resolution images, listing of museums and bibliography.
Cavailles, Jules Jules Cavailles Research Center - information about the life and works of the French poetic realist painter Jules Cavailles (1901 - 1977).
Carmichael, Franklin Virtual gallery archives of the art works of this Canadian painter. Original oil paintings, reproductions and biographical information.
Cappiello, Leonetto Life and work of Leonetto Cappiello (1875 - 1942), Italian artist and caricaturist.
Burkhardt, Hans Biographical information and a selection of images for this leading artist of the Modernism movement.
Bulman, Orville (1905-1978) Information about the American artist including a biography, details about buying and selling his work, and images of his paintings.
Brumidi, Constantino Document describing the life and art of the Italian-American artist.
Brownscombe, Jennie Augusta Information on the American painter, presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Includes a brief biographical sketch of Brownscombe, a selected bibliography of related monographs and articles, and the image of "Love's Young Dream".
Brooker, Harry Includes a selection of paintings depicting domestic Victorian scenes often involving children at play, biographical information and resources on Victorian art.
Brewster, Anna Richards Early 20th century Impressionist style. Includes biography, excerpts from her letters, and sample gallery of her works.
Brainard, Joe The official site concerning the life and work of the 20th century visual artist.
Bogdanove, Abraham J. A showcase for the work of Abraham Bogdanove, a landscape painter, portraitist, muralist, and art teacher, who is best known for his dynamic images of Monhegan Island, Maine.
Boddington, Henry John Biographical information on the Victorian landscape artist Henry John Boddington (1811-1865). Site also includes a selection of high-resolution images of his work.
Bluhm, Norman (1921-1999) American Abstract Expressionist painter. Biography, reproductions, exhibitions, essays, chronology, bibliography and publications.
Bertoia, Harry Presenting a brief overview of sculptures, furniture, jewelry and graphics.
Beer, Dick Displays the works of one of the Swedish masters of Neo-impressionism and Cézanne-style cubism. [English and French].
Barry, Sir Francis British Post-Impressionist. Biography and gallery of paintings.